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Company Overview

Hainton, founded by Tom Smith, is a specialist tech recruitment agency based in Middlesbrough that recruits software teams for companies based across the North East and Yorkshire.

Roles they recruit for include Devs, Testers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

Due to the competitive nature of recruitment, Tom and his team use ShowTech to further enhance their service by being able to quickly identify the great candidates from the good, and provide their clients with pre-screened candidates.

Hainton uses a combination of tech assessments from our test library as well as customised ShowTech assessments to ensure every candidate they source fits the right criteria for their clients.


B2B; Recruitment Agency


4 employees

Positions Hired

Devs, Testers, Business Analysts and Project Managers.

ShowTech helps us to get more of our candidates in front of clients and into the interview process. More interviews mean more chance of placements, and more placement improves our bottom line. That’s the best way to describe ShowTech for us and why I recommended it.

Tom Smith, Founder at Hainton
The Challenge

The Challenge

As a recruitment agency Hainton have two key stakeholders, the client being the obvious but also the candidates. When Tom and his team first start speaking with candidates they are working on getting to know them, their technical skills and building trust. A key challenge they faced was having confidence in a candidate’s technical ability without having proof. However, that’s hard to prove over the phone without impacting the integrity of the conversation and the relationship they’re building with the candidate. The candidate’s confidence can also influence their said ability, giving those who are more confident an unfair advantage over those who are more modest – neither indicators of actual technical ability. Having confidence in a candidate’s ability is extremely important to Hainton, to ensure they only present clients with its top-performing candidates.

With a short supply of tech talent being a national issue, they face difficulties with the requirements clients provide on job descriptions such as experience being a certain number of years or sector specific, even though they have candidates capable for the role. So, they wanted something that also quickly evidences a candidate’s technical ability to clients.

Overall Hainton can sift the good tech candidates from the bad, but what they wanted was to be able to quickly and easily spot the talent, and clearly evidences a candidate’s technical ability.

How we helped

Following an intro call with candidates, Hainton will invite them to complete a ShowTech assessment. They invite those that they feel have potential and would benefit having evidence of their ability, to ensure they match their client’s expectations.

This provides Tom and his team with a competitive edge in the recruitment industry as they can now offer their clients pre-screened candidates and evidence of their technical ability. It’s sped up the recruitment process and increased the number of candidates they present to clients. They can now easily prove their candidates' ability, even if they do not meet some of the clients experience criteria's.

In the first year, ShowTech more than paid for itself, with Tom placing a candidate, that he said would not have happened without the ShowTech test score. Tom had a talented .NET developer with a high ShowTech score, who was lined up with another client, however, they had to drop out due to issues with the location. This candidate was perfect for another client, who he rang late afternoon on a Friday. The response initially lacked urgency, and he knew this candidate would not be on the job market for long. He sent a follow-up email to both the HR Advisor and tech hiring manager which included the results from the ShowTech assessment – explaining the test score was in the top 10% and above the scores of previous hires they had made. An interview was booked in for the Monday and a job offered the next day!

Being able to present our client with a candidate’s very high ShowTech test score created a sense of urgency with them, speeding up the hiring process. This talented candidate was hired within two days!

Tom Smith, Founder of Hainton

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