Find your tech talent faster

At ShowTech, we know when you’re recruiting tech talent you have to wear so many hats. From knowing front end to back end to infrastructure to cloud, it’s hard to be an expert in all these technologies.

We’re here to make your life easier, by helping you to quickly find out if your candidates have the skills your business is looking for.

Enhance your tech recruitment

By using ShowTech online assessments to validate tech skills, it automates this early stage in recruitment, meaning you can assess more candidates and shortlist quicker - widening your talent pool and helping to reduce your time to hire. Engineering hours aren’t wasted with unsuitable candidates and you can meet the expectations of your hiring managers.

Shortlist With Confidence

Build assessments around your job spec. We have 1000’s questions to choose from covering all major technologies and you can add in your own questions, so you can consistently and confidently shortlist.

Improve Candidate Experience

Validating skills to improve the candidate experience compared to more traditional methods. Let them shine in their own time and under conditions more reflective of the role.

Widen Talent Pool

By automating the step of validating skills you create a process that scales, so you can find talent from a wider pool of candidates.

Reduce Time to Hire

Reduce the steps in your tech recruitment process, gain insights into your candidates ability, to quickly make informed hiring decisions, and ultimately reduce your time to hire.

Bias Free Assessments

Create a screening process free of unconscious bias, shortlist candidates based on ability and potential rather than background or academic credentials alone.

Spot Potential

Screen your early talent at scale by using our bespoke assessments that uncovers if they have the potential you’re looking for.

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Built with you in mind

ShowTech has been built with you in mind, to efficiently uncover tech candidates skills. We’re easy to use, and it’s easy to find the technical assessments you’re looking for. And if in doubt we have a brilliant team you can contact, who are there to support you.

A summary at a glance

Our reports give you insights on your candidates from a simple sense check to comprehensive details on their skills, so you can make informed shortlisting and hiring decisions.
Confidence in ability

Test performance reports provide you with confidence in your candidates’ ability when sharing them with the hiring managers and demonstrates how good your candidates are.

360-degree view

Get a 360-degree view of your candidates through our flexible question types, which allows candidates to express themselves in different ways from technical ability to interpersonal skills.

Sift in not out

Widen your talent pool as you can screen a larger number of candidates. Bring to light those candidates that may have been overlooked before and identify those more likely to fit in to your business.